Castelli Pietro has several heat treatment plants, located in different production departments.

In TT1 department, 3 induction hardening plants are installed.
In TT2 department, 2 continuous quench hardening and tempering lines are installed.
In the last two years, both lines have been electrically rewired and upgraded to the requirements of CQI-9 standard.

All the machines use quenching oils - constantly regenerated - supplied by a leading company in the sector, which every six months verifies that the properties of the oil comply with the specifications.
Both lines are in a controlled atmosphere.

In the month of June 2020, a new endogas generator was installed in the department, in line with the current standards in terms of both safety and treatment.

In TT3 / basket TT3 department, the following plants are installed:

  • 3 SAFED furnaces with manual loading for quench hardening and tempering, casehardening and carbonitriding treatments
  • 2 SAFED furnaces for bainitic hardening in salt bath
  • 4 small pit tempering furnaces
  • 2 large pit tempering/annealing furnaces
  • 1 pit stress-relieving/tempering furnace with water-quench tank
  • 1 fully automatic basket furnace for quench hardening and tempering, casehardening and carbonitriding with water-quench tank
  • 4 washers
  • 2 centrifuges

In TT4 department, the production is entrusted to a heat treatment line, as follows:

  • 3 chamber furnaces for quench hardening and tempering, casehardening and carbonitriding treatments in a controlled atmosphere, obtained from nitrogen methanol, enriched with propane and ammonia when necessary
  • 2 high-temperature gas tempering furnaces in a nitrogen atmosphere
  • 2 electrical chamber tempering furnaces
  • 1 burnishing tank
  • 1 chamber washer
  • 4 sandblasting plants
  • 1 carriage for the batches and roller conveyors

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